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PHP 5.3.6 x64 (64 Bit) for Windows


As promised, here are the 64 bit builds of PHP 5.3.6 for Windows. PHP 5.3.6 was released about 12 days ago (17 March 2011) and includes a number of security and bug fixes (Changelog). Wanted to post this earlier but didn’t have the time to compile and test it.

Anyway, I noticed that the mcrypt extension is now a static extension and so there will be no php_mcrypt.dll file. If you copy over your old php.ini file, be sure to comment out the “extension=php_mcrypt.dll” line (in case you were using this extension and had that line uncommented).


VC9 x64 Thread Safe

CRC32: 7721568E

MD5: B54501752E8B0BFF821B7D5492001E11

SHA1: 48A60C0BC79898C2033EC4F0337A55534FA4C4FA

CRC32: 269853DE


SHA1: 5B395461DB669342AEF38340822AC9FEC4C989B4

Additional Extensions

The pecl archives below contain the following extensions: APC 3.1.6, memcache 2.2.6, pecl_http 1.7.0 and pdflib 2.1.8. The pdflib extension was compiled with PDFLib 8.0.2p3 and you will need this pdflib.dll file to use it. (Thread Safe) (Non Thread Safe) (Thread Safe)