PHP 5.3.6 x64 (64 Bit) for Windows


As promised, here are the 64 bit builds of PHP 5.3.6 for Windows. PHP 5.3.6 was released about 12 days ago (17 March 2011) and includes a number of security and bug fixes (Changelog). Wanted to post this earlier but didn’t have the time to compile and test it.

Anyway, I noticed that the mcrypt extension is now a static extension and so there will be no php_mcrypt.dll file. If you copy over your old php.ini file, be sure to comment out the “extension=php_mcrypt.dll” line (in case you were using this extension and had that line uncommented).


VC9 x64 Thread Safe

CRC32: 7721568E

MD5: B54501752E8B0BFF821B7D5492001E11

SHA1: 48A60C0BC79898C2033EC4F0337A55534FA4C4FA

CRC32: 269853DE


SHA1: 5B395461DB669342AEF38340822AC9FEC4C989B4

Additional Extensions

The pecl archives below contain the following extensions: APC 3.1.6, memcache 2.2.6, pecl_http 1.7.0 and pdflib 2.1.8. The pdflib extension was compiled with PDFLib 8.0.2p3 and you will need this pdflib.dll file to use it. (Thread Safe) (Non Thread Safe) (Thread Safe)

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  • @Otomatic

    You’re welcome. And it’s good to know that your setup is working well. πŸ™‚


    You’re welcome too. πŸ™‚


    Yup, I will do that. πŸ˜€

  • I sincerely appreciate your hard (and selfless) work for our x64 community! I wish I could say, however, that my PHP 5.3.6-Win32-VC9-x64/Apache 2..2.17-x64-openssl-1.0.0d.msi upgrade has been as successful as the others who commented above.

    After a recent crash I elected to do a clean install of win7 (ultimate) from XP. My account has admin permissions, etc. Your build of Apache 2.2.17 installed and tested perfectly. However, after installing PHP, Apache crashes when it reaches

    LoadModule php5_module “C:/Program Files/PHP/php5apache2_2.dll”

    in httpd.conf, with this OS message:

    Faulting application name: httpd.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4d825c28
    Faulting module name: php5ts.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4d90eea6

    All the files, folders, and paths are correct, as well as correctly pointed to by PATH=.

    Might you find the time to help me with this? I’ve pretty much exhausted my resources.

    Thank you.

  • Hello.
    I’m sorry to be a burden, but i’m a big fan of what you do and I am very greatful. Unfortunatly, when i’ve setup my Apache, php and MySQL, when I go to http://localhost/ I can’t seem to find the MySQL section… unless the new php doesn’t have it? I don’t know but the tutorial i took ( says it should be there. If it’s any help i’m using MySQL 5.5.10, php 5.3.6 and apache 2.2.17. Thankks for the help and again, apologies.

  • @Jay Pearce

    I can’t think of anything since you say that all the files, folders and paths are correct. Maybe you should try re-downloading PHP. You can also try installing the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package even though it shouldn’t be necessary since I tested my PHP builds on a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate without the Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed.


    Did you set the “extension_dir” and uncomment “extension=php_mysql.dll” in your php.ini?

  • Hello Anindya,
    Sorry to keep bothering you, but I’ve run into a little snag… I tried installing the 32-bit PHP on my IA64 Server 2003 machine, but there is no Fast-CGI support (Fast-CGI for IIS6 is only available for x86 and x64) and PHP 5.3.x doesn’t come with a php5isapi.dll as a fallback anymore. I was wondering if you’d be able to compile an x86 php5isapi.dll, or is that too much of a hassle?

  • Hi Maz. I can’t help but wonder why you are using an IA64 server, that too with Windows 2003. Also, I don’t understand why you think you can use 32 bit php5isapi.dll and not the 32 bit php-cgi.exe. If your server supports 32 bit emulation then you should be able to use the 32 bit php-cgi.exe.

    In case I am mistaken, let me know and I will compile a 32 bit php5isapi.dll for you. It don’t think it will be too much of a hassle. πŸ™‚

  • Anindya,
    The price just happened to be right on the server I picked up. And for Server 2003, I can’t use 2008/2008 R2 because the server apparently isn’t ACPI compliant to the degree Windows wants it to be.

    As for CGI, I would use it if I could, but all the tutorials I can find on how to install PHP with IIS say that I need FastCGI. Server 2003 doesn’t come with FastCGI by default, and there is only a download for IA32 and AMD64 versions for Server 2003/IIS6 at If I can use the built-in CGI support with PHP I would but I can’t find any literature on it.

    As for the ISAPI module, I’m not going to be running any demanding PHP applications–just Ampache and a contact form that uses PHP’s mail function, so hopefully I can get away with the ISAPI interface.

    If you have any suggestions on how I can get the CGI module working, or if you can compile an x86 version of php5isapi.dll it would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Anindya
    Sorry for the late reply,
    Thankyou so much i forgot to set the ‘extension_dir’. It now shows on my php infomation and is working fine. Apreciate all the good you do for the ’64 bit’ community :L . Thanks again!

  • works on my 2008R2 + IIS7.5
    but isapi module crashes any time application pool (w3wp.exe) stops
    Crash occurs if w3svc service is stopped , application pool stopped manually or recycled after certain amount of time (by default)

    Faulting application name: w3wp.exe, version: 7.5.7601.17514, time stamp: 0x4ce7afa2
    Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7601.17514, time stamp: 0x4ce7c8f9
    Exception code: 0xc0000374
    Fault offset: 0x00000000000c40f2
    Faulting process id: 0x1064
    Faulting application start time: 0x01cc04b203a43864
    Faulting application path: c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\w3wp.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
    Report Id: 4714986e-70a5-11e0-ad66-00e04cb9b998

  • Sorry for the late reply. Was busy.

    @Alexander Shulman

    PHP uses bundled pcre library and I have no idea how to compile it with β€œβ€“disable-stack-for-recursion” option. But I will try to find out if it’s possible.


    If you are having trouble with the ISAPI module, you should use the CGI/FastCGI binary (php-cgi.exe) instead.


    I will try and compile it when I have some free time.

  • Hi Anindya.

    All your work is very much appreciated. I have been working all day trying to set up a working Apache 2.2.17 + PHP 5.3.6 + PDFlib 8.0 with the help of your binaries on a win2003x64.

    I have got this to work, but the pdflib.dll seem to be very unstable. It crashes often, and very easily if I am trying to produce something pdf larger than approx 125kB

    I get errors in eventvwr and error.log is showing that the process reboots when crashing.

    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: Application Error
    Event Category: (100)
    Event ID: 1000
    Date: 2011-05-14
    Time: 17:05:24
    User: N/A
    Computer: CRM
    Faulting application httpd.exe, version, faulting module pdflib.dll, version, fault address 0x000000000021ad9b.

    [Sat May 14 17:05:00 2011] [notice] Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 — Restarting.
    [Sat May 14 17:05:01 2011] [notice] Apache/2.2.17 (Win64) mod_ssl/2.2.17 OpenSSL/1.0.0a PHP/5.3.6 configured — resuming normal operations
    [Sat May 14 17:05:01 2011] [notice] Server built: Oct 24 2010 17:36:57
    [Sat May 14 17:05:01 2011] [notice] Parent: Created child process 8956
    [Sat May 14 17:05:03 2011] [notice] Child 8956: Child process is running
    [Sat May 14 17:05:03 2011] [notice] Child 8956: Acquired the start mutex.
    [Sat May 14 17:05:03 2011] [notice] Child 8956: Starting 250 worker threads.
    [Sat May 14 17:05:03 2011] [notice] Child 8956: Starting thread to listen on port 443.
    [Sat May 14 17:05:03 2011] [notice] Child 8956: Starting thread to listen on port 80.

    Do you have any idea why this can be?

    I have right now everything set up in x86 binaries instead – and have no problems then with the libpdf.dll that I downloaded from

  • Hi Jesper. Can you give me a sample script that generates a large pdf so that I can test it in my PC?

    Also, did you check if this happens with the 32 bit versions of PHP and PDFlib?

  • Hello,
    sorry for the inconvenience, but I wonder if you could compile php_ice 3.3.1 for php5.3.6-v9-x86 ?

    I have a bug with the 3.4.1 version and i would like to try with the 3.3.1.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Anindya,

    I see that you have compiled php_http x64 but can’t find anywhere the “normal” x86 version.

    Pierre Joye have an old one but I didn’t find for version 1.7.1 (

    Can you try a VC9 x86 TS version?

    Thanks in advance and good work!

  • @bagu and @RicardoK1

    Sorry for the late reply. Will compile the extensions you requested by tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  • Hi,

    I’ve noticed that PHP_INT_SIZE remains at 4, while it should be 8 for 64-bit versions of PHP. In my case, I’ve worked around the problem using bcmath’s functions, so (for now, for me) no show stoppers.

    Thanks anyway.

  • @bagu

    Sorry I kept you waiting. Unfortunately I was unable to compile the ice 3.3.1 php extension. It seems, it can only be compiled with VC 6 for VC 6 versions of PHP. I recommend that you contact the ice developers about the problem that you were having with the ice 3.4.1 php extension.


    Here is the pecl http extension v 1.7.0.

    I couldn’t compile v 1.7.1 as I was getting some kind of zlib related build error. Also, the pecl http extension requires a few additional libraries like libcurl and libiconv and I had to compile them too. There were precompiled versions of those libraries at but that site has been down for quite a while.

  • @Flyingfenix

    That is something that only the developers of PHP can fix. And I don’t think they will since there is no official 64 bit PHP for Windows.

  • Thanks Anindya for all your doing on the Win x64 front.

    Thanks to you, I have managed to get Apache 2.3.12 x64 working on Win 2K3 x64 with PHP Version 5.3.3 x64. However, I cannot get PDO for MSSQL to work as it is still 32 bit. Have you already recompiled the MSSQL PDO extensions for 64 bit? And if not, would you consider doing so?

    These extensions can be found here:

    I’m so close to having everything working in 64 bit, I can taste it.

    Thanks for everything,


  • @ehouser

    Unfortunately it is not possible to compile 64 bit versions of those extensions. And I remember reading somewhere that Microsoft is not going to add 64 bit support to those extensions unless an official 64 bit PHP build for Windows is released.

  • Hello all, looking for some help with getting the php_enchant module to load with this php build.

    Currently i have the following line added to my php.ini file:

    Confirmed the php_enchant.dll file is sitting in the ext folder as required, but when i start apache i get the following error in the log files:
    “PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘C:\\Program Files\\PHP\\ext\\php_enchant.dll’ – The specified module could not be found.\r\n in Unknown on line 0”

    Confirmed if i comment the “extension=php_enchant.dll” line out apache loads with no errors and it’s loading other modules fine just not the enchant one.

    What am i doing wrong, or is there an issue here?

  • Thank you Anindya,

    I had it in the Administrator User Variables PATH not the System variables PATH, once i added it to the System Variables PATH the enchant module loaded with no errors.

    Thank you again for your very prompt response.

  • Anindya … Don’t know if it is just a recompile, but APC has been bumped to version 3.1.9 with some changes in the windows area. I’m happy with eAccelerator myself but there have been a couple of posts asking for a later APC 64 bit build πŸ˜‰

  • Hi Anindya, really appreciate your efforts! Do you have any instructions to compile php x64 binaries? Is it possible you share the instructions with me?

  • 5.3.8 cover the huge bug of 5.3.7 πŸ˜‰ so it would be nice to have this build x64 compiled… Anindya, we need you!!

  • Hi Anindya,

    I have been running PHP 5.3.0 that I compiled myself from source code because I wanted the PHPISAPI.DLL (just not a fan of Fast CGI). Anyways, I found your blog and download 5.3.6 thread safe and I only had minor issues reconfiguring IIS to work with the x64 files. However, one function I use are the imap functions. I was running some code from the command line and it kept crashing. So I ran the original web based code and it is crashing at imap_open (Access Violation xxxxxx)

    Are you aware of any such issue? What might be wrong?

  • Ok i repost it… as many times as i need to… 5.3.8 resolve the huge crypt bug present in 5.3.7!

    So Anindya can you compile it??

  • @dioskey

    Have some patience. I will post it soon. Need to compile newer versions of some external libraries first which is taking time. Hopefully everything will be done by this weekend. πŸ™‚

  • Hello,

    i download the VC9 x64 Thread Safe, but apparently there’s no way to make the php5isapi.dll work on Windows Server 2003 x64 (and, no, the “use cgi” option is not an option, i need isapi). When i go on the ISAPI filters page of my site in IIS, there’s always a red arrow with “not loaded” status.

    Is there a reson why it does not work?

  • i wont find any msi in the zip file dnt know how to start installing and will not find explaining hash files uses

  • Thank you, i’ll try as soon as i have time.

    The problem anyway has become less important since i discovered that installing WSUS on a domain controller is not a recommended option (that’s the reason why i tried to make PHP run even under a full x64 IIS environment).

  • Sorry for not getting back last time. You are outstanding providing the world with binaries.

    I got the pdflib.dll to work – don’t remember what I did. Right now in the upgrade process of moving to apache 2.4 and php 5.4

    would you be so kind as to make a new dll for php 5.4?

    it would be more than a lot appreciated.


    btw – do you know why these binaries aren’t released as x64 to begin with? who uses x86 platforms these days?

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