Uploaded a recording from GTA V also for those who enjoy watching shorter videos. I believe the purpose of the recently announced "Agnipath scheme" is to let people (at least "rich people") enjoy doing "military rampages" in "real life". 🤣

A sim was recorded praising "Kali" again after getting resurrected (4:29:47). 🤣 Anyway, I now believe they were referring to "Kali" in the "Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force" video also at about 4:20. Even "Kali" (the "Hindu goddess") is supposed to have "extra" arms. 🤣

Here's yet another "The Sims 3" gameplay recording. This time 4 hours 45 minutes and 54 seconds in length. And hopefully it's the last one. 🤣🤷‍♂️

Previous tweet got posted in the wrong thread because of Twitter refreshing the page while I was composing the tweet. 😒

I saw this on Twitter's "What's happening" section and thought that maybe they want me to post the full email with all the headers and everything. 🤣 So here is a copy downloaded using the "Download Original" link in Gmail. 🤷‍♂️

And speaking of @narendramodi and "triple talaq", I have wondered many times why he didn't bother to do anything about "baby susu cutting" which "only muslims" do apparently (like they used to do "triple talaq"). 🤣🤣🤣

But when I started the game again, my sim was forced by the game to accuse the same female sim of cheating, probably because she was with her "husband" in public. And they ended up "divorced" again. I didn't actually see it happen this time, so "they" didn't see it either. 🤣

Happened to a female sim when I made my sim kiss her while her "husband" was nearby. He came up to her, broken wedding rings appeared inside a speech bubble and they were no longer "partners". 🤣 The game crashed soon afterwards, probably because they didn't like what they saw.🤣

At least they put in "single talaq" in the game (as opposed to "triple talaq" which @narendramodi got abolished in "India" apparently 🤣). A sim can accuse their "partner" of cheating and immediately get "divorced". 🤣

If you watch the video you will notice that playable characters are not 100% playable. The game can force them to do things like "accuse of cheating" or "be accused of cheating" (48:50). The game developers were very serious about "cheating" it seems. 🤣

Here is a 2.5 hour gameplay video of "The Sims 3". It seems the audio stopped recording properly after about 1 hour. They must have been worried that a ghost might say "Kali-Kali" again after getting resurrected (she did not). 🤣

Few years ago I downloaded a "Natasha Nice" pr0n video ("Big Tits at Work" or something 🤣) and later saw "wedges" like the ones she was wearing on the @amazonIN homepage. I do not remember whether I thought it was a coincidence or a "coincidence" at the time. 🤣

Received this email from @amazon today. I remember seeing "time machine" and "call Santa" in previous emails, but not sure if I had seen the "French" thing also. 🤣

@JaagoRe @TripathiiPankaj And why show newspaper in smartyphone and tablet ka zamana? Whatever happened to "save paper, save trees"? Kid could have been shown pointing out a "fake news" article in a tablet or smartyphone, instead of a purane zamane ka newspaper. 🤔🤣🤷‍♂️

@JaagoRe @TripathiiPankaj Why was the guy sleeping on the sofa? Did he have a fight with his lovely waifu or something? And why did he not say to his kid something like "climate change is 'fake news', Butters"?🤔🤣🤷‍♂️

Saw the ad when I did "undo close tab" on this video, by the way. 🤣🤷‍♂️

By the way, you can spell both "shani" and "catan" with the name "Natasha Nice" with only the letter "e" remaining. It's probably supposed to be the "e" from "eccentric". 🤣🤷‍♂️

There are a lot of "coincidences" in that "Family Guy" clip also. The pirate ship being the most obvious one. There is also a scene in the episode where "Peter Griffin" is applying lipstick on himself while calling himself a "whore" and saying that he is "somebody's father". 🤣

"Natasha Nice" (@benicenatasha) can now even do a scene similar to what can be seen at about 3:47 in this video. 🤣🤣🤣

They also had some "Natasha Nice" (@benicenatasha) pr0n ready for me at "The Pirate Bay" (@tpb) when I went there searching for fresh copy of "Adobe Acrobat". My pirated copy got "deactivated" soon after I made that chat log. I searched for "acrobat" and sorted by "Uploaded". 🤣

Thought I would post a screenshot of the archived web page also. Just in case @internetarchive somehow ceases to exist in "the future". Comments on that and the other pages were certainly hilarious. Which is why I kept clicking "Previous". 🤣

And @internetarchive just so happened to have archived copy of the video also. I decided to download it and it ended up right next to a photo of my dead dog that I have on my tablet. Probably a "tear jerking" attempt. Didn't work. The video itself did cause "arousal" though. 🤣

I found the aforementioned "internet pr0n" after clicking on the "Home" link and then clicking the "Previous" link repeatedly under the "Blessings for the Great Leader" section. Anyway, here's the archived page with the "internet pr0n" link. 🤣

It's supposed to be talkin' about the kind of "waking up" that I have mentioned in this thread. 🤣 But the guy is singing "wake me up" instead of telling someone to "wake up already". 🤣🤷‍♂️

I didn't realize what the "wake me up..." line in the song in those "Zoolander" videos is supposed to be talkin' about. Only realized after I literally woke up few hours ago and played one of those videos again. Not sure if I "realized" by myself or they made me realize. 🤣

No wonder I saw something about "Justin Bieber" (@justinbieber) in the Twitter sidebar. Scroll down and check the "chat box" on the sidebar of this archived page. 🤣

Ah, found the "original" video that I was thinking about. Thanks to @internetarchive. 🤣

Anyway, I was thinking that I will be driving around like they were doing in this video if the other "option" mentioned in that chat log is used instead. 🤣

This video (18:10) probably made things "problematic" for anyone who was ever considering "bending the knee". 🤣🤣🤣

Here we go. Fandom "Game of Thrones" article about "bending the knee". 🤣

Anyway, I saw the #NaDarengeNaJhukenge hashtag in the Twitter sidebar and think that it is probably referring to "bending the knee". Kinda like in the TV show "Game of Thrones". Hey, that's why there is the "regicide" option, no? 🤣🤣🤣

Singing something like "muslims, ____ in poor disguise" to the tune of the Transformers song. "Transformers, robots in disguise". 🤣🤣🤣 Now, who can fill in the blank? Anyone? Anyone? 🤔🤣🤷‍♂️

He probably agreed to attend such "ceremonies" in the first place because he is not a "bigot" unlike me. 🤣 Anyway, since I know that it is not "muslims" _only_ who do "baby susu cutting" in "ceremonies", I have also been making fun of "muslims" in my mind. 🤣

If you read that chat log, you will see that the other guy was claiming that _only_ "muslims" do "baby susu cutting". He was also claiming that he has visited the "ceremonies" of "muslim friends" where they do "baby susu cutting". 🤣

And there is also this one. "माता नारायण, पिता नारायण" 🤣

By the way, is "Jesus" called both a "father" _and_ a "mother" (aka hermaphrodite) in any "Christian" songs? 🤔🤣🤷‍♂️ Because in some "Hindu" songs, male gods are being called both "mother" and "father". Like in this song for example. 🤣

I thought I spelled "its" incorrectly in the previous tweet, but it seems the correct word is "her". 🤣🤣🤣 "Let Earth receive her King" 🤣🤷‍♂️

When they blink the led red, they probably want to say what "Bart Simpson" can be heard saying at the end of this clip. Couldn't find an uncensored one, so I had to make one myself. 🤣🤷‍♂️

And as mentioned, soon afterwards the Huawei ONT also started showing blank values. So that's how they got caught "red handed". I did not bother contacting the ISP though, they fixed the line by themselves. But yes, they can now blink the "LOS" led red whenever they want.🤣

But soon after I noticed this, the line went "dead" according to the other ONT also. The ISP provided ONT was showing "inf dBm" as values for both the "Tx Power" and "Rx Power". The other ONT (Huawei) was showing normal value for "Tx" and only "Rx" was out of range (-33 dBm). 🤷‍♂️


Recently they got caught "red handed" tampering with my fiber optic line in the middle of the night after I decided to connect a different ONT that I have. Although the "LOS" led was blinking red in the ISP provided ONT, the line wasn't totally dead according to the other ONT. 🤣

There is also a "LOS" led in my fiber optic ONT which blinks red when there is something wrong with the line. It's actually a combined "PON/LOS" led. Shows a solid blue color when the line is working. Otherwise blinks blue or blinks red when it's supposed to be totally dead. 🤷‍♂️

And thanks to @TheSimpsons Facebook page, I also now know that the "Los" in "Los Santos" or "Los Gatos" is supposed to mean "Die". "Los" is supposed to mean "The", which in turn is supposed to be "Die" in "German".🤣

Anyway, after reading the "Inception" @Wikipedia article, I realized that the "wake up already" dialogue that can be heard at about 36:02 in this video means the same as the "die already" that be seen in a billboard at 29:00. 🤣

So I was also wondering whether she (she was "born that way" 🤣) has gotten a "peanus" installed by now. Who can tell me? Anyone? Anyone? 🤣

I was thinking about asking whether "The Wachowskis" have had their "peanuses" chopped off by now. 🤣 But that "Teen Titans Go!" clip was telling me not to talk about "peanuts". I also found out about @TheElliotPage after visiting the "Inception" @Wikipedia article recently.🤣

Should have added this video to the "Schrödinger's cat" tweet. "Stop talking about 'peanuts'". It's supposed to be "peanus" I believe. 🤣🤣🤣

This song on the other hand, does have "game" in the lyrics ("Kal 'khel' mein hum ho na ho" / "कल 'खेल' में हम हो न हो"). Maybe because the writers were "not in denial". 🤣

Oh, it's missing the "this is not a game!" part. So here's the clip I made again. 🤣🤷‍♂️

Now that I know that the word is "prohibidado" (and not "forbididado" 🤣) I was able to find a @Youtube clip. And I believe the "FU" is supposed to be meant for me. 🤣

The kind of "fun" you can have in video games like GTA V, for example. Morpheus could have easily described it as a "game world" instead of a "dream world". But it was a case of "this is not a game!" for them. Like that guy in the "Fired Up" movie was saying. 🤣

At least Neo was shown as being able to literally fly since he was supposed to be "above the system". 🤣 But you know, he could have had a lot more "fun" if Morpheus and the others had not "tricked him" into getting "unplugged". 🤣

Ah, I meant to write "seen". 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, here's the "candy" offering scene. 🤣

Even the "oracle" was treating Neo like he was suffering from "arrested development", by the way. Offering him cookies and candy. 🤣 Here's a clip where "she" can be shown offering him a cookie. 🤣

The creators of @TheMatrixMovie probably also knew. That's why the "oracle" was shown to know about "Neo's" future choices. A plot hole since Neo was supposed to be unplugged from "The Matrix". He was no longer part of the system. He was above the system.🤣

If "time" is indeed an "illusion" though, then it can be said that everybody is like "Schrödinger's cat". Alive and dead at the same time. In this moment you may be alive and euphoric, but in some other moment you are already dead. 🤣

"National Geographic" (@NatGeo) certainly knows. That's why they have this. Probably as a "scientific explanation" for "fixed" future.

They probably still did not believe that the future was "fixed" though. That's why there were disappearing "orange people" in the episode. 🤣 Hopefully they know by now that the future is "fixed" and can't be changed. 🤷‍♂️

The "pile" can be seen at 18:59 in the full episode available here. I am guessing that by the time this episode was made, the @SouthPark creators had started believing in the existence of time machines in "real life". 🤣

I went searching for the @SouthPark episode and only ended up finding more "coincidence" (time travel). Damn it! 🤣

I forgot about the "lying on top of each other" part from the aforementioned protest. Unfortunately, the males will have to do it too now. 🤣 I 'member a @SouthPark episode where they showed something similar, but I doubt they have done anything like that in "real life". 🤣

This is also relevant I think. Or maybe "coincidental" is the term I am looking for. 🤣

I was also thinking about making this for @RockstarGames. Now seemed like a good time.🤣 And just today I got the idea of adding that it probably happens due to "arrested development" of the foreskin. 🤣

It's possible the writers of those "Nip/Tuck" episodes wanted the viewers to think that the guy's "girlfriend" became a "lesbian" after seeing his "uncut" dick. The plot line starts in the first episode itself. But goes all the way to the third episode at least. Or so it seems.🤷‍♂️

Only then they should start screaming like the female protestors. The screaming will make a lot more sense in case of the "HWNDU protest" though. 🤣 Otherwise, as of now the females have the aforementioned protest in their "scoreboard" too. Know what I am sayin'?🤣

Once they are done getting undressed, they should all cut off their remaining foreskins (DIY "circumstition" 🤣) like the guy from that "Nip/Tuck" episode was trying to do. He thought his "girlfriend" had become a "lesbian" after seeing his "uncut" dick. 🤣

While they are gathering and getting undressed (kinky), they should be chanting, "show us what 'he will not divide us' looks like. this is what 'he will not divide us looks' like". Got the idea for this part of the protest from @whoismrrobot. 🤣

So here's the idea. I was thinking that "Shia LaBeouf" (@thecampaignbook) can gather some males who still have most of their foreskins. They can then go to a public place of their choosing and get undressed like the female protesters from this protest...

I have already posted about it in Facebook comments, but I was thinking about making proper posts on Facebook and Twitter also with "at mentions" and everything. 🤣 And since I have nothing better to do "in this moment", why not do it now? 🤔🤣🤷‍♂️

I saw this on the Twitter sidebar just now and thought that maybe they want me to post about my "he will not divide us" (@hwndu_) protest idea. 🤣

In other news, the guy from the chat log above replied to the last messages I sent him with what can be seen in this screenshot. 🤣 It seems he was instructed to completely ignore what I had written. Or maybe he never got my last messages. 🤣🤷‍♂️

Poor Trevor probably did not know a "blood spatter analyst" like Dexter (@SHO_Dexter) who could have confirmed the truth. That he was not the one who killed "Debra" and "Floyd". And obviously he did not want his friend to "break up" with him. That's why he had to lie. 🤣

And the guy is not supposed to be Trevor's cousin. He is supposed to be Trevor's friend's cousin. The friend with "arrested development" who can be seen in the above Youtube video. 🤣 Trevor lied to his friend because obviously he wouldn't have believed the truth. 🤣

I read the fandom article about that sleeping NPC and his "hot girlfriend" and turns out that there is the possibility that Trevor didn't kill them. 🤣 They may have killed each other and poor Trevor may have simply gotten covered with "blood spatter". 🤣

Oh, and I did complete the GTA V story once and found the "Psychiatric Evaluation" at the end to be "suspicious". 🤣 The above incomplete game is also from old "savegame" files. Couldn't locate "savegame" files from the time I completed the game. 🤷‍♂️

Yes, it seems there are "psychologists" lurking on Probably when they are stuck with zero patients. 🤣 Anyway, here is an article about the term "arrested development" that I found. 🤣🤷‍♂️

Also noticed that does not have definition for "arrested development" even though they have definition for the word "schizophasia". Someone used it in a comment and I thought it wasn't really a word.🤣

And since it is only "fake blocked", I was able to use to make mirrors. But I also made some manually. They can be found in these "pastes" (or whatever) and screenshot. |

I consider it to be "fake blocked" though. That's why the presence of an app called "fake block" in the TV show "Arrested Development" I am guessing. 🤣

Anyway, I tried to make more mirrors of the chat log by visiting and was greeted with this. What a coincidence the orange background is. 🤣

Looks like I was remembering story from GTA V incorrectly. Trevor kills both his cousin and his cousin's "hot girlfriend" apparently. Still alive in the above clip because it is from an incomplete game (44% complete).🤣

Otherwise I was wondering what term to use instead of "retarded" or "mentally retarded", which you are not supposed to use these days. 🤣 Anyway, I am sure lots of juicy or spicy things can be found in the chat log also. Enjoy! 🤣🤷‍♂️

Anyway, if you read the chat log, you will see that he was also talking to me (or chatting in this case) as if I were a "kid". He is all grown up but I am suffering from "arrested development". Got the idea of using "arrested development" from a @Grammarly facebook ad.🤣

He is the kid standing next to me in these photos, by the way. The one with mouth wide open in one of them. 🤣 All grown up now obviously. Kinda looks like Steve Wozniak (@stevewoz) now according to me. 🤣

Anindya Baruah @Anindya_Baruah

11th birthday. Only photos I could find.🤷‍♂️

He also chose the "deny-deny-deny" route and continued to deny till the end of the conversation. 🤣 Have decided to post the chat log (they probably want me to). Poorly formatted though because @facebook doesn't have printable chat logs or whatever. 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, when I was posting about "remote mind control" tech, they sent someone to chat with me and I also decided to do so. But it seems he was sent to try and change the "doubt percentage" that I had mentioned in this blog post. 🤣

Yeah, "Trevor" ended up murdering this poor fellow's "hot girlfriend" (or whatever she was supposed to be) and then lied to him about it, obviously. He didn't believe "Trevor" but he was also "stuck" with him as you can see in the video. "He ain't my cousin-he ain't my cousin".🤣

Maybe viewers are even supposed to think that he may have thought that he wont be able to find another "hot chick" to marry him. Not unlike this guy from GTA V. Who was even telling "Trevor" that he had a "small peanus" and didn't think he would be able to find someone else.🤣

Anyway, from what I understand after watching the ending, the guy would have preferred to not know about the affair and raise someone else's kid instead of doing "sologamy" (word I recently saw in the "What's happening" section on Twitter sidebar). 🤣

But it was "circumstantial evidence" at best and she decided to take the "deny-deny-deny" route. Which she did all the way to the end of the episode even after the guy unwittingly ends up with "solid evidence", once again thanks to the tech. 🤷‍♂️

In the episode she plays a woman whose husband suspects her of having an affair after noticing her interact with another man in a certain manner. Because of the tech shown in the episode, he was able to show recording of the interaction to her and do "blunt and direct time". 🤣

Anyway, I noticed some time ago that the female "Doctor" was being played by the same female actor who is in the "Entire History of You" @blackmirror episode. 🤣

Oh wait, never mind. It seems they have already replaced the female doctor with a black guy this time. 🤣 Obviously, I no longer watch the show. I actually stopped watching after they replaced @karengillan with a different female sidekick. 🤣

Since I mentioned "rebirth" (reborn as hippo 🤣), I thought I would mention that "Doctor Who" (@bbcdoctorwho) also has "reincarnation" in it. But the "Doctor" is usually reincarnated as a fully grown man in the show. Or a "woman" in case of the current show. 🤣

That's why there are "orange parties" I guess. No need to get "married" and "stuck" if you are only attending "parties", yes? 🤣 But you will probably end up getting "stuck" in some other way, because nothing "fun" is ever "free". 🤣

And turns out time machines do exist in "real life", and people (at least people who are "linked-in" @LinkedIn 🤣) can indeed find out the "future look" of their "fiancees". They probably don't though. Probably. 🤣

While watching the episode or thinking about it later, I imagined that many people are probably stuck with wives who look similar and behave similarly in "real life". 🤣

I was only interested in this "Doctor Who" (@bbcdoctorwho) episode because a future version of @karengillan's character (Amy Pond) is shown in it. and I was thinking that she was looking like what "Karen Gillan" might end up looking like in "real life". 🤣

The episode also has robots that try to inject infected people with something while saying "this is a kindness". Probably referring to my dog getting euthanized or whatever, I think. 🤷‍♂️

They are supposed to be covering their faces due to a deadly virus, by the way. You know, kinda like "coronavirus" (COVID-19). 🤣

And I found this fandom (@getFANDOM) article just yesterday about a "Doctor Who" episode where you can see a hand in the first image on the article and the Doctor and a sidekick are seen covering their faces. 🤣

I now believe that someone can be seen making fun of my "ass washing" quite literally "behind my back" in the first photo in this tweet. I used "literally" correctly, yes? 🤣


And I was thinking that those who have ever made fun of "ass washing" better stick to toilet paper or wet wipes (at max) only. Otherwise I think they are risking being reborn as hippos. 🤣

Since I mentioned @BJP4India, I thought it would only be fair to mention @INCIndia also. I think the "hand" on their logo is supposed to have something to do with "ass washing". You know, the kind people do after poopin' (💩). 🤣

Even @BJP4India can be considered an "orange party", yes? 🤔🤣🤷‍♂️ Their logo is a lotus which is also called a "kamal". And coincidentally the word "kamala" (like @KamalaHarris) in Assamese means "orange". 🤣🤷‍♂️

The fruit is okay too I guess. Certainly a lot better than apples. 🤣 And obviously orange flavor is also good in my opinion. 🤣🤷‍♂️

Here is a link which contains antonyms for the word "old". Why they be tryin' to ruin a perfectly good color? 🤣

"They can do that." 🤣 Imagine me saying it like the "tin foil hatter" says in this video at about 6:41. 🤣

In other news, I found out today that "lemon party" is supposed to be the opposite of "orange party" (get it? get it? no? check antonyms of the word "old". 🤣). They let me know by replacing the word "lemon" with "orange" when I was trying to think "lemon party". 🤣

Maybe the @SouthPark creators still did not believe that time machines existed in "real life" when this episode was made. 🤣 IRL there would have been a "scientific explanation" instead of hand "disappearing". Like a realistic looking mind controlled prosthetic hand maybe. 🤣

I was on this video when the "ohhhhnothin" video showed up as a recommended or "watch next" video. I was looking for the "Ike's Wee Wee" video again when I found it (because I wrote "chop-chop" in a tweet). Stan's father did not think things through. 🤣

Found this on @YouTube today. It was another recommended video. In case of Dudley's mother though, it was more a "ghostly wail" kind of "ohhhh". 🤣

And I was also thinking that why not provide "protection" to any "school shooters" also since the world is run by "pro-choicers"? 😏 Check the highlighted lines on this archived @Wikipedia article if you don't know what I am sayin'. 🤣

I was also wondering if the students who supposedly died in a recent "school shooting" were also at the school by "choice". And why were they not "staying home; staying safe" anyway? Anyone? Anyone? 🤣

Now, who can tell me whether the students shown in this video were in the classroom by "choice"? Anyone? Anyone? 🤣 Seems to me like they did not receive any "pro-choice education". 🤣

Even the "top level" of the "science career" in "The Sims 3" (which is "Mad Scientist", by the way) only has a 4.5 hour work day and that too only three times a week. 🤣🤷‍♂️

And it's not like they would have had to brush their teeth, poop, take a shower, "and etc." before heading to the mausoleum. 🤣 They can only come out of their graves after 12am I think, and stay till the morning. So they could have easily done 5-6 hours of "part time" work. 🤣

I for one was wondering why the ghosts in "The Sims 3" didn't have jobs also. You can ask them about their "career" and all of them would show up as "unemployed". Surely they could have gotten "part time jobs" at the mausoleum in the graveyard? 🤣

But you know, these "pro-choice" people who "control" the world don't really care what kind of "job" you have as long as you have one. So "GET A JOB!" chop-chop if you don't have one already. 🤣

And therefore, any "high class" or "high end" contract killers (like 47) in "real life" are also doing fake jobs depending on how "high class" or "high end" they are. 🤣 It is possible to kill an NPC by stuffing a pillow in face in "Hitman: Blood Money" if I recall correctly. 🤣

Anyway, we are living "in the future" and "remote mind control" tech exists in "real life". So they don't really need to stuff a pillow in your face as shown in this video. They can just flick a switch or whatever and do it remotely. 🤣🤷‍♂️

I did ask her why she continued with the "ohhhhhhhhhh..." even after waking up, but she didn't have an explanation. 🤣 I didn't "wake up" making any noise when I couldn't breathe though. And I probably also thought something like, "let's see how long they do it". 🤣

In TV shows, movies, cartoons, etc. they usually show someone waking up from a bad dream with a short "aah". Anyway, when I asked her why she made such an odd noise, she claimed that it felt like she couldn't breathe while asleep.

Dudley's mother on the other hand once woke up and made an "ohhh" noise. It was actually kinda like "oh-ohhhh..." (long "ohhh"). 🤣 Maybe she was trying to make sure I would hear her from another room. 🤷‍♂️

Forgot to mention another "remote mind control" tech incident. Sometime in 2019, they stopped my breathing for a while when I was sleeping, probably as a "demonstration". Although my eyes were still closed, I was aware of what was going on. But I was like, "whatever". 🤷‍♂️

Here's an article about poison frogs from @Wikipedia. 🤣 Of course, in my case I wasn't claiming to be paralyzed with "muscle relaxants" or whatever, but rather "remote mind control" tech.

He was asking her this in front of me as if I were a "kid". 🤣 "Do you see any boogieman under the bed?" 🤣 I did not remember the existence of "muscle relaxants" or even "poison frogs" at the time, otherwise I could have mentioned them to him. 🤣

I later told about the incident to this guy, and he started asking Dudley's mother something like, "will you be able to paralyze me--will you be able to paralyze me?", and she was replying with "". 🤣

Even her mosquito net was down so she had been awake for some time already. Not talking to her was already a "done deal™" by then so I didn't say anything to her, of course. Just gave her a look as I washed my hands (door handle germs 🤣) and went back to sleep.

I got up as soon as I was "unparalyzed" and was wondering what to do. I didn't actually see her because I was sleeping on my side. Nevertheless, I exited the room and noticed that she was indeed up and about at 8am even though it was winter and she was sleeping longer those days.

I tried to knock on the headboard in a "unparalyze me this instant" kinda way but of course I couldn't. She took her time to leave too and they kept me paralyzed till I heard the door close again. Didn't hear the door lock though probably because of the "deep breathing" noise. 🤷‍♂️

But despite not having the key, she still managed to enter my room once, and I once again woke up paralyzed. Had gone to sleep at about 6am after having tea and cake. 🤣 And she entered at about 8am. I woke up because I heard the door close behind her I think. 🤷‍♂️

And when I started sleeping under "lockdown", Dudley's mother would tell me not to do so. Would tell me that she was concerned about my well being and what not. She was even asking me for the key once. I ignored her demands obviously. 🤣

I woke up and wondered if someone came near the window (which is near the headboard of the bed) when I was asleep but then was like "whatever" and didn't give it further though. Didn't use to sleep under "lockdown" back then obviously. 🤣

I have seen signs of someone being in my room even when I didn't know about the "psyop". I woke up once with a window blind moving like a pendulum or whatever. It only used to happen if moved once and air from an air purifier would continue to move it.

That's why the "additional distractions" in the form of "stepping on balls" sensation. 🤣 Of course, it is also possible that they only want me to think that they were in my room even though they weren't. 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, I have been using the chairs to barricade the door when I sleep. I have been sleeping under "lockdown" you can say. 🤣 So I think it's possible that they were in my room despite the "lockdown" and were moving the chairs back in place before exiting.

Now she (Dudley's mother) has gone back to using a "jhadoo" (rarely). I believe she used a "safe word" to get rid of the last maid. Because she didn't actually fire her. 🤣

Otherwise, when vacuuming there would only be the noise of the vacuum cleaner. Dudley's mother used to claim that vacuuming was not possible for her, btw. But after moving to this place, maids that she had hired were able to learn to do it. So she also had to do it for a while.🤣

I later realized that the noises I heard were probably that of my chairs moving, which is why I thought that someone was mopping the floor. And I thought it was Dudley because we haven't had a maid for a long time. Maids also used to move the chairs around to mop the floor.

When I felt the "stepping on balls" sensation, I once again thought that it was Dudley who was doing it. I tried to say "Oye!" in my sleep, and probably ended up waking up because of this. And maybe they "accidentally" repeated the sensation again with my eyes already open. 🤣

But before I woke up I was dreaming that I was in my bed and I heard some noises because of which I thought someone was mopping the floor. I thought it was Dudley who was doing it even though he doesn't live here. 🤣

Initially my eyes were closed but the final time they repeated the sensation, I had already opened them and could see that there was nobody there. It was daytime again (broad daylight outside). There was no confusion that I was indeed awake and paralyzed. 🤷‍♂️

In another recent incident, I woke up paralyzed but with some "additional distractions". This time they were making it seem like someone was stepping on my balls or "breaking my balls". 🤣 They repeated the sensation three times total.

I even grabbed my wrist and flailed my hand around to confirm that it was indeed paralyzed before going back to sleep. And I also immediately assumed at the time that they did it because I was thinking about T-Bag's cut off hand before going to sleep that day (it was daytime). 🤣

I even woke up once (not long ago) with just one hand paralyzed, probably because I was thinking about "T-Bag" from "Prison Break" before going to sleep. Was thinking about how one of his hands was cut off. 🤣

There have been times where I have tried to wave one of my hands in front of my face and it would even feel like I was able to do it, but it wouldn't actually move. And I would think something like, "oh, I am paralyzed", and just go back to sleep. 🤣

I would wake up, try to change positions in my bed, and open my eyes, only to find myself in the same position. I would close my eyes and change positions again, open them and again find myself in the same position. 🤣 Then I would just close my eyes thinking "whatever". 🤣

This time around the paralysis was the type where it felt like I could move my body parts even though they wouldn't actually move. Have woken up with similar paralysis many times before when actually sleeping instead of trying to get "bed rest". 🤣

So I decided to bite a "hug pillow" (or whatever) that was close to my mouth, to grab their attention. Tried to do it twice, but my lips barely touched it. It was enough to grab their attention maybe, because I was "unparalyzed" soon afterwards. Cartoon noises disappeared also.🤣

Heard the voice laughing initially, but later he was saying "Why? Why? Why?" as if some villainous plan had failed. 🤣 Anyway, I was paralyzed for quite a while this time and I took the time to figure out what body parts I could move. Just my eyes and my mouth (barely). 🤷‍♂️

But in a similar incident when I fell asleep with lights on again recently, I woke up to "cartoon noises". Sounded like audio from random cartoon episodes were playing in my head. I wasn't paying much attention to the audio but I do recall a typical cartoon villain voice. 🤣

This time I could clearly "see" that I was not doing any "deep breathing". There was also a strong urge to just close my eyes and fall back asleep. I had to forcefully keep my eyes open and was eventually "unparalyzed" and the noise disappeared along with the paralysis.

I believe any remaining doubts about the noise went away when I woke up with the lights on once. I was just trying to get some "bed rest" but had ended up falling asleep because I decided to get "comfortable". And when I woke up I found myself paralyzed again.

The first few times when I woke up paralyzed with "deep breathing" noises playing in my head, I thought I was hearing myself breathe. But eventually realized that I was not the one making the breathing noises. They would disappear as soon as I would become "unparalyzed". 🤣

I posted in a Facebook comment recently about how I woke up and found myself paralyzed (again), but this time with "cartoon noises" playing in my head instead of the usual "deep breathing" or "heavy breathing" noises. All I could do was move my eyes and barely move my mouth.

Let's discuss "remote mind control tech" now. Will discuss "abortions" some more later. By the way, Dudley's mother thinks discussing "abortions" is "bad". She was denying the existence of "remote mind control tech" but couldn't deny the existence of "abortions". 🤣

Oh look, I already found an "indirect reply" to my "baby boomer" question. Or so it seems anyway. They are "prohibidado" from doing "blunt and direct time" (BDT) despite their "leaders" being "pro-choice". 🤣

If newer generations _have_ taken over, they are probably only accidentally and incidentally in the situation. You know, having to "man" remote mind control tech. 🤣

Questions like, "Who can tell me whether it is still 'baby boomers' who are manning 'remote mind control tech' or have newer generations have taken over? Anyone? Anyone?" 🤣 Hmmm, "manning" doesn't seem like a very gender neutral verb. 🤣

Other than that, I was also thinking about posting a clip from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" with a teacher saying "Anyone? Anyone?" along with questions (also containing "Anyone? Anyone?"). 🤣

I thought I should point out that there is mention of "stem cells" in that "Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force" video also. You know, more "providence". Starts at about 3:37. 🤣

Yeah, unfortunately for those who like to use the "rape" excuse when it comes to "abortion", "remote mind control" tech _does_ exist IRL.🤷‍♂️ But you know, those who have the tech are "pro-choice". 🤣

I see now that they have changed the map. The text (it's supposed to be "mental health" apparently, not "mental illness") was part of the map image but now it's not. Or maybe I am remembering incorrectly. 🤣🤷‍♂️

The "psychologist" episode from "Becker" was better in my opinion. I was thinking about posting this episode also. But when asking different questions though. Questions about a map that can be found in a @Wikipedia article with "mental illness" in it.🤣

I believe I stopped watching "Mr. Robot" after that season where the "transvestite" "Chinese" guy calls "Donald Trump" a "buffoon". But at the time I didn't know that he was supposed to be "a buffoon" too. 🤣🤷‍♂️

Here's a clip from "Mr. Robot" where the guy says "fuck society". He probably meant that he wanted to have "sexual intercourse" with "society". Which as you know is supposed to be "bad" (see "Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force" video). 🤣

But what's the point? Either he will not reply, or someone will probably just reply with "Pope™ 2" on his behalf. 🤣

I was also thinking about asking the "Pope" (@Pontifex) whether making up "religions" can be considered a "sin" even if those who made them up were only thinking about "benefit to society". You know, unlike the guy from Mr. Robot (@whoismrrobot) who was like "fuck society".🤣

Atheists believe that they are "random seeds", yes? And therefore also believe that they wouldn't exist if it weren't for their parents? 🤔🤣🤷‍♂️

So I was thinking that all the "proud people" should have the "sex talk" with their parents while they still have the chance. And no, I do not mean this kind of "sex talk". 🤣

Anyway, since it is "pride month", I was thinking that most of those who are "proud" are probably atheists. Because "pride" is considered a "deadly sin" after all. Well at least according to "Christianity".🤣

By "mass surveillance tech", I meant the kind that the NPC in this video is talking about. 🤣 Don't forget to check the video description. 😏

Look what I just saw on Twitter's "What's happening" section. 🤣 Hopefully "texas cops" are aware of the existence of "mass surveillance tech". I have also wondered many times why they can't fake such shootings in "India". Fake in India™. You know, kinda like "Make in India". 🤣

There is a "nucular" explosion at the end of the "Kung Fu Rainbow Lazerforce" video. And that is where "Proton" becomes "providence" I guess. 🤣

Just realized the existence of some more "providence" in that "Kung Fu Rainbow Lazerforce" video. My The Sims™ 3 "reels" were made on Linux. It's only in my Origin library (got it as part of a "bundle") so I had to use Wine instead of Steam's "Proton". 🤷‍♂️

"Hitman: Codename 47" can be seen drinking wine when "blending in" in all of my Hitman™ 2 "reels". 🤣 0:58 in the last one for example. That is what I was referring to as "providence". You know, as opposed to "coincidence". 🤣

Anindya Baruah @Anindya_Baruah

Here's a play through of "The Ark Society" level of "Hitman 2" with the clown suit. Enjoy! 🤣

Here's a better "We're Sorry" clip. The other one was missing the fireplace scene. 🤣

Here's a play through of "The Ark Society" level of "Hitman 2" with the clown suit. Enjoy! 🤣

Forgot to mention a female NPC who was talking about "wage gap". Conversation starts at about 29:14 in the second video. The game developers got confused maybe, because a female "initiate" (8:08) actually had more "coins" (to get past door at 2:34:22) than a male (13:25). 🤣

The costumes in the "Harry Potter" movies can also be considered "poorly designed" because this is what "wizards" are supposed to wear. 🤣

The outfits that the "Ark members" wear are probably supposed to be similar to what the characters in "Harry Potter" video games and movies wear. The castle is supposed to be like "Hogwarts", and "Janus" (the name has "anus" in it, btw 🤣) is supposed to be like "Dumbledore". 🤣

That's why the presence of "energy CEOs" in the "Ark Society council" I am guessing. NPCs can be heard talking about them at the conversation that starts at about 27:43 in the first video. "Climate change". 🤣

Towards the end of the second video I was thinking "I am sorry...sorry..." when killing the remaining NPCs in a way similar to how this guy was saying "we are sorry" in this @SouthPark clip. 🤣

I think the game developers got the idea for the disguise from the "Oktoberfest Skirt" present in "Saints Row: The Third". Can be seen at the beginning of this video. 🤣

And coincidentally, I also ended up making 47 wear a disguise that was supposed to be showing "LGBTQ+ pride" towards the end of the second video (2:41:52). You know, because of the "as proud as a peacock" feathers on the mask and also because of what appears to be a "corset". 🤣

He could have replied with something like, "Is okay, I am supposed to be LGBTQ+. We can have sex after I kill everybody here. You know, because necrophilia also comes under the +...". But once again he couldn't, because he was not wearing his clown suit. 🤣

47 can be seen not wearing a mask and not doing "social distancing" at the beginning of both videos, by the way. 🤣 And female NPCs can be heard telling him to go way because they were hot and he was not. 7:48 in the second video, for example.🤣

And here's the second one. Female NPC says "please be an orgy..." at about 2:20:30. 🤣 47 could have replied with something like "yeah, a necro orgy!". But he couldn't, probably because he was not wearing his clown suit (2:54). 🤣

Here's the first one. Game crashed soon after I used a "letter opener" to kill an NPC. 🤣 A female NPC mentions "a lot more nudity" at about 5:03. But I do not recall seeing any nudity in this level. Maybe she was referring to all those "shapely legs". 🤣

Anyway, I decided to upload "reels" of two attempts. There were a lot more than just these two attempts though. In the second one I had almost succeeded too, before the game crashed yet again. Probably because "Providence" did not like what they were seeing. 🤣

I couldn't actually make one where I successfully completed the level (with 47 "going postal"), because the game keeps crashing. Has happened all the times I have tried previously also. Coincidence? No, it's "Providence". 🤣

I saw "Hitzman" mentioned in that "Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force" video and finally decided to make a "reel" of "The Ark Society" level in "Hitman 2" where 47 goes "postal". Have been thinking about making one for many months actually, possibly also due to real life "inception". 🤣

And this is somewhat off-topic. I was wondering why "Ravana" needed 10 heads after watching that Flintstones video. 🤣 And he apparently had 20 arms too. Makes sense I guess. Two arms for each "head". 🤣

Here's the Flintstones video. Now I see that "Barney Rubble" talks about buying something that would make him look taller. I noticed that the female dancer in that Bollywood song was _not_ wearing high heels. 🤣

Another case of me taking "bait" can be found here. They got me to reply to a comment with a link to a Youtube video where "Fred Flintstone" talks about buying a "head" in a costume shop. 🤣

And by "Inception" I obviously meant this movie. No need to make you or wait for you to sleep to do "inception" in "real life" though. But they can do that also. 🤣

I did something similar to what Patrick does at 0:44 in this video. 🤣

I decided to make a "reel" of the entire "stage". Coincidentally (not), it's supposed to be stage 9. Like that "Reproduction in Animals" chapter in the "class 8" @ncert science textbook is chapter 9. 🤣

I still had "Need for Speed: The Run" installed on my computer, so here's a "reel" from the game with a censored version of the song "Get Some" by "Lykke Li" as background music. 🤣

@xoxogossipgita Ah, this post is supposed to be telling me the "true meaning" of this song I am guessing. You know, the "ouroboros" necklace which is supposed to be a "G".🤣

Oh yeah, I wanted to post this also. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you." And obviously not in a "court of law". 🤣

But I believe @RockstarGames was mostly just making fun of me-me-me in that "Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force" video. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong "Rockstar". 🤣

Anyway, so yes. "Proof" that it's not just the "locals" who can't talk about "sex" but also the "internationals". They can't even talk about "poopin'" that's why "The Sims 3" only has a "Bladder" meter. They could have added a "Rectum" meter too, no? 🤣

I decided I liked the song after I heard it again when it was playing in the background in an episode of "Pretty Little Liars". So I decided to download it and only then found out that it has the word "prostitute" in the lyrics. The uncensored song still exists in my computer.🤣

His waifu was "still young" (fat? he was fat too) and that's why he still wanted "some" from her. Speaking of getting "some", the following song can be found in the game "Need for Speed: The Run", but with all cases of the word "prostitute" censored out. 🤣

Even the guy in this song wanted "some" from his "waifu" I think. That's why he agreed to do her "dirty work". Otherwise, it was his waifu who had closed her ears whereas he can be seen trying to control a smile at 0:56. 🤣

I was telling "them" that "woohoo" is something that they say or think when their wives agree to give them "some" after they have been strictly obedient to them (their wives). 🤣

Anyway, it's not just the "locals" who can't talk about "sex". It's also the "internationals". That's why the "sex" option is labeled as "woohoo" in "The Sims 3". And it just gave me the opportunity to use this against "them" also. 🤣

He didn't have to wait long to find out I think. The newly hired "school counselor" had the "talk" with all the students from the higher classes (only), not long afterwards. I had taken a "day off" from school on that day apparently. 🤣

I could have easily called someone to "verify" what I was saying. But instead I made him say "maa kasam" that he wont get married if he later finds out that I was telling the truth. 🤣

But when I said something similar to a student in "class 9" he didn't believe me. He couldn't believe that his parents had also had "sex", similar to what can be seen in "dirty pictures" on the internets. And I totally understood why it was hard for him to believe. 🤣

I only "found out" about "sex" when Dudley's mother said something like, "that's a method of reproduction" in "English" when I was telling her how some kids in my school watch "dirty pictures" (not exactly what I said) on the internet. Took me a few seconds to understand.🤣

Contents of that chapter are different now, but just as vague as when I was in school. 🤣 Plus they seem to have "improved" the diagram for the "male reproductive organs in humans". 🤣

By the way, that "Reproduction in Animals" chapter used to be in the "class 7" science text book when I was in school. The content was so vague that I didn't know about sex till the end of "class 8". Maybe that's why they have moved it to "class 8" science textbook now. 🤣

Not sure who they are supposed to be making fun of in that short cartoon, because "sex" is indeed considered "bad" which is why it tends to get censored. Here they can't even write about "sex" in school textbooks. 🤣

And would you look at the name of the movie. "Mera Naam Joker". It's supposed to mean "My Name is Joker". Just last night I was thinking about posting the following. It is one of many "watchable content" that is available on the TVs in GTA V. 🤣

Of course, I didn't remember the lyrics so couldn't actually sing it myself (in my head). I only remembered the tune, the main line "Jeena yahan marna yahan" and the "Ji chahe jab" from the relevant line. 🤣

I woke up today and they "started" this song in my head. They could have played the actual song but it was more like reminding me of it so that I would try to sing it myself in my head. 🤣

Final GTA V "reel". I think. 🤣 I forgot the "swimming" controls. That's why Trevor "drowned" (not really, just "wasted" 🤣) at the end. It was a lot like not knowing how to swim in "real life". 🤣

Seeing "Anna Rex" at about 1:15:09 made me wonder if she had something to do with my "The Sims 3" character. 🤣 It also made me think that many of those who were in-charge of the game were probably unwilling to do any "pumping" and "running". 🤣

And I didn't know that GTA has gender equality also (21:09 second video, male NPC pulls out female NPC from car). I thought only Saints Row has gender equality. Anyway, gender equality is not part of my "belief system" though. No. 🤣

NPC prostitutes also say "you look like you need to pay for it" in the second video (1:22:57, 1:27:13, 1:32:34). Hopefully the game developers have been educated in that aspect also by now. 🤣

It has been "DECLASed" now though. Amirite @RockstarGames, @NSAGov and @CIA? 🤣 Hopefully "real life" prostitutes also have been keeping up with "DECLASes" and are therefore willing to "perform in front of an audience" now. 🤣

NPC prostitute talks about finding some place "private" at about 15:24 in the second video. And also talks about not wanting to "perform in front of an audience" at about 15:42. 🤣 Maybe mass surveillance tech still had not been "DECLASed" when this part of the game was made. 🤣

Only $12964 at 5:56 in the first video. That's why Trevor could only afford a blowup doll and not a RealDoll™ (3:15). Trevor got the opportunity to go postal on the "Altruist's camp" though, so he now has about hundred thousand dollaas. Too bad that recording ended up blank.🤣