PHP 5.3.9 x64 (64 Bit) for Windows

PHP 5.3.9 was released 10 days ago (January 10, 2012) and includes lots of security and bug fixes (Changelog).

And here are the 64 bit thread safe and non thread safe builds for Windows. As usual, they were compiled with Visual C++ 2008 (VC9) and can be used with VC9 versions of Apache.


I am providing mirrors this time, but please use them only if you are unable to download from mediafire for some reason.

VC9 x64 Thread Safe (Mirror)

CRC32: C3C44086
MD5: F37AD349D0A17F857A6F5C548D18C741
SHA-1: 571C6835C607274C49C156E00CF307B97682BD7C

VC9 x64 Non Thread Safe (Mirror)

CRC32: 7364E01F
MD5: 542B3508EFAAB286DF511712F75BAE73
SHA-1: A98DB30C2D0927332C8EB69E48E01867BA39B8A8

Additional Extensions

Additional extensions can be found here –

As of now, the following extensions are available – APC, dbase, eAccelerator, geoip, http, memcache, mongo, printer, ssh2 and win32service.

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  • Hi guys

    I do not know if this is the correct place to ask, but does anyone know where I can get precompiled 32 and 64 bit php_suhosin extension for PHP 5.40 rc.

    I have the extension for PHP 5.3.8 (might wotk for 5.3.9 – but I do not know)

    Thanx for the 64 bit PHP!!

  • Great as always!
    Could you please compile the nts Version of eaccelerator for 5.3.9 also? The extension archive just holds the ts version for 5.3.8 and 5.3.9, but the nts only for 5.3.8.


  • Any idea where I might find a version of the Suhosin module that may be compatible with this build in x64 mode?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for doing up the 64 bit binaries for PHP and all your other hard work. I was hoping I could get you to do one last compile and upload to mediafire. That would be a NTS (VC9) version of eAccelerator. There is currently only a thread safe version, which doesn’t work for me (IIS 7.5). I kind of expected the 5.3.8 version to still work but I’m wrong. The phpinfo() shows it loading in and disabling everything.

    Thanks again for all your hard work. Your site is the only darn place I can find 64 bit binaries for PHP. I find that strange that the development group doesn’t do the 64 bit versions!


  • Anindya, thank you very much for this! I’ve successfully gotten PHP x64 running within IIS 7.5 🙂

    One problem I’ve run into though when migrating from PHP x86 to x64 is that the Microsoft driver 2.0 for PHP for SQL (php_sqlsrv_53_nts_vc9.dll) no longer loads, and neither does v.3.0 (php_sqlsrv_53_nts.dll). I assume this is because the DLL was compiled as x86/32bit and therefore only works with PHP x86?

    The fact that are not officially supporting x64 PHP means that Microsoft aren’t going to bother compiling their DLLs to support it from what I read here:

  • Thanks for those wonderful and continuous releases!
    Looking forward to the release of PHP 5.4 and of course your x64 release!

    Greetings from Germany!

  • Thanks sooooo much for the 64-bit releases 😀

    So very much appreciated 😀 Keep up the great work!

    Much love! **Fist bump**

  • @Pieter du Plooy and @John Jones

    I was only able to compile non thread safe version of the extension. You can find it in the mediafire folder given in the post.

    @Lubber and @Bernie

    I have compiled the nts version of eAccelerator for PHP 5.3.9 and you can find it in that mediafire folder. I didn’t compile it initially ’cause I thought that it didn’t work properly with the non thread safe version of PHP.


    It seems the gearman extension is not compatible with Windows since there is no config.w32 file in the sources.


    If you need to use the sqlsrv extension then you will have to continue to use 32 bit PHP, since it is currently not possible to compile a 64 bit version of the sqlsrv extension.

    @CJ and @Deano

    You are welcome. 😀

  • Hi,

    Thanks muchly for the extra compile (eAccelerator). It seems to work fine now. If the rumours are correct, its days are numbered though, apparently APC has been chosen for inclusion into PHP ver 5.4. Hopefully by the time that happens, it will work better. It behaves a bit odd on my development machine.

    Again, many thanks for all your work. It still amazes me that you’re the only one doing 64 bit PHP. It would seem a natural beside 64 bit dotNet! O well, no accounting for others I guess. By the way, greets from Canada!

    Bernie 🙂

  • Hi,

    thank you again for those new builds. I was in the process to install the 5.3.9 when I just got a notification a critical fix is out within a brand new 5.3.10.

    I guess I will wait a little bit more to upgrade. 😉

  • Just so everyone knows PHP 5.3.9 has been found to contain a major security vulnerability.

    Security Fixes in PHP 5.3.10:

    Fixed arbitrary remote code execution vulnerability reported by Stefan Esser, CVE-2012-0830.

  • @Bernie

    You are welcome. 😀

    @Lakys, @Ines, @Deano and @zmcjs

    I will compile and post PHP 5.3.10 most likely by tomorrow. 🙂

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