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Windows Vista: Games Explorer takes too long to load?

Sometimes in Windows Vista, Games Explorer may take too long to load. This can happen when your Windows Experience Index needs to be updated. This in turn can happen if you added some new hardware to your PC or because you may have reinstalled or updated some of your hardware drivers.

This has happened to me many times. Everytime I install a new version of nvidia’s graphics driver, Games Explorer starts taking a lot of time to load. And I find that the Windows Experience Index score turns grey, which means it needs to be updated since windows ‘detected’ new hardware

Today, again when I tried opening Games Explorer, it took a long time to load. And I noticed that the Experience Index was again grey. So I clicked on the Update my score link on the ‘Perfomance Information and Tools’ window, to refresh my Windows Experience Index, and after that Games Explorer started behaving normally again.

So, if you are having the same problem with Games Explorer, try refreshing your Windows Experience Index. 🙂