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PHP 5.3.5 x64 (64 Bit) for Windows

PHP 5.3.5 was released a few weeks ago. On January 6, 2011 to be precise. This new release apparently resolves a critical issue which only affected 32 bit PHP processes. So, I used the provided test script to check my latest 64 bit PHP builds and found out that they aren’t affected.

I just read the release announcement yesterday when I had some free time and decided to compile PHP 5.3.5. And I think this is the only change in it as I don’t see a changelog in their announcement. So, I don’t really think there was any point of compiling 64 bit PHP 5.3.5 builds but I did anyway since some of you have been requesting it. 🙂


VC9 x64 Thread Safe



SHA1: 4D94CC68D4093F4A42D429D135AEDA946C4E2ABE

VC9 x64 Non Thread Safe


MD5: 897A7D7328D64CE3539E975CE9385D9E

SHA1: B61B45D3DB035B442F33E2D3DEBD654E6FB9DBBE

Additional Extensions

The pecl archives below contain APC 3.1.6 (I made sure that experimental features weren’t enabled), http 1.0.7 and Memcache 2.2.6. (Thread Safe) (Non Thread Safe)

eAccelerator (Thread Safe)