PHP 5.4.12 and 5.3.22 x64 (64 bit) for Windows


PHP 5.4.12 and 5.3.22 were released on 21 February, 2013. As usual they are bug fix releases. The complete official changelog can be found here.

Below you will find 64 bit binaries of PHP 5.4.12 and 5.3.22 for Windows. They were compiled with Visual C++ 2008 (MSVC 9). Also, there was a bug in the previous 64 bit 5.4 releases, which would cause php cli to crash when trying to start the built in web server. This has now been fixed.


5.4.12 (Thread Safe) (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

CRC32: B25819E8
MD5: 063A9A25D7BAB1C1356D7D0745C0C3E4
SHA-1: 42FB0C90290A0036C29EEAE876FC4514BE13D916

5.4.12 (Non Thread Safe) (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

CRC32: DF38C292
MD5: 6A5F2705E66B9EAFFDE7C1CE2F1CC208
SHA-1: 7598F2E7B9E03D55172E58F3A399D700427877BA

5.3.22 (Thread Safe) (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

CRC32: F6EB49D6
MD5: 48D861B4ECD14D5CFE5FA2A808281996
SHA-1: 8D39D04373C45161871083CBDD0FDD405819C3D8

5.3.22 (Non Thread Safe) (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

CRC32: F204ECC4
MD5: 4CD0ABDA3558C61AB11749C019947DF4
SHA-1: 682F0FD03275E57311D04AB2B7BA36A0FEDE91C6

Additional Extensions

Additional extensions can be found here –

Please check the 5.3 and 5.4 sub folders for newer versions.

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