PHP 5.3.3 x64 (64 Bit) for Windows

Just noticed today that PHP 5.3.3 was released recently. However, there still aren’t any official 64 bit binaries for Windows available at So once again I have compiled PHP myself and here are the 64 bit binaries for Windows.

I have compiled both the thread safe and non thread safe versions together. They were compiled with Visual C++ 2008 (VC9). The thread safe version includes php5apache2_2.dll for use with Apache 2.2 and php5isapi.dll for use with IIS.


CRC32: 012202E7

MD5: 0AEBDC3B4C2EA1B917ED6731C2F7B874

SHA1: 29B126355C750665D48BE54F421879908D78B063

CRC32: 0358080C

MD5: 7E19FBE4F92512C20ECE7328FEDE040F

SHA1: 104DD1797858C8B20BD61FBA33F4311BB7D61A10

Update: I didn’t notice that the php_ldap.dll extension wasn’t compiled this time. It didn’t compile because as of PHP 5.3.3, it requires libsasl, which was missing. Anyway, I had to compile libsasl and then the php_ldap.dll which I am posting here separately.

I also took the time to compile eAccelerator for PHP 5.3.3 and also NTS version of WinCache which someone requested last time.

Additional Extensions

php_ldap.dll VC9 x64 Thread Safe

php_ldap.dll VC9 x64 Non Thread Safe

eAccelerator VC9 x64 Thread Safe

eAccelerator VC9 x64 Non Thread Safe

WinCache 1.1.0 VC9 x64 Non Thread Safe

Memcache 2.2.6 VC9 x64 Thread Safe

Memcache 2.2.6 VC9 x64 Non Thread Safe

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  1. harm

    Hi, great to see some 64 binaries but could you give some details about the steps involved in the compilation process? The tips on are good to start with but not full-proof.

  2. Anindya

    That guide at is pretty detailed in my opinion. I myself used it to to compile PHP. If you are trying to compile and are stuck at a particular point, then let me know and I will be glad to help you out.

  3. BigWetDog

    Does PHP 5.3.3 x64 still have the same issue with mysql that you talk about in your post for 5.3.2?

  4. Anindya

    Yes, it still has the same issue. I think they will never admit that its a bug and so will never fix it. πŸ™

  5. Frank

    Any pointers on installing the PHP x64 version under Windows Server 2008 R2? The search results are a bit disappointing (i.e. It’s not clear anyone has successfully done this before with 32 or 64-bit PHP versions). I hate being on the bleeding edge!

    Several attempts have failed so far, but I’ll keep plugging away. Microsoft made a big point of PHP support in IIS7.0, but seem mum on it with the 7.5 release. I did have the 32-bit version of PHP working with older Server 2008 x32 IIS7.0, but that was years ago.

  6. Frank

    Update: Solved it. After loading x64 nts version in the C:\PHP directory, found it needed the C++ redistributable (SP1) installed. Here is the link if anyone needs it.:

  7. Anindya

    I am glad you got it working. You could have also used the thread safe version with the php5isapi.dll.

  8. atomicknight

    Thank you very much for providing these builds!

    Out of curiosity, does the LDAP module not compile correctly? Or was there another reason for excluding it?

    Thanks again!

    • Anindya

      I configured PHP with “–enable-snapshot-build” which is supposed to automatically enable all extensions that it can. I didn’t notice that the ldap extension wasn’t enabled this time. Anyway, it was probably not enabled due to some missing libraries. I will find out what was missing and will try to compile it again as soon as possible.

      Thanks for letting me know. πŸ™‚

  9. Mike

    So relieved I have finally found a website with something that has up to date information about PHP on 64bit systems. I just want to say thanks for releasing this. I’m going to be tackling this install on IIS 7.5 / Windows 2008 R2 with updated MYSQL to follow. Any pointers to save some headaches?

    I noticed the “bug” with 5.3.2 so I will make sure to address that as well.

  10. Anindya


    Installation of PHP on IIS is pretty straightforward. You can either use the thread safe version of PHP with ISAPI (php5isapi.dll) or you can use the non thread safe version with FastCGI (php-cgi.exe).

    You can find instructions on using the ISAPI here – . You can skip step 8 and 9 of that tutorial since you will be using 64 bit PHP.

    And instructions for FastCGI are available at the official site here –

    You shouldn’t have any headaches if you follow those instructions. πŸ™‚

  11. Anindya


    I have compiled the php_ldap.dll extension and have added it to the post. Thanks again for letting me know that it was missing. πŸ™‚

  12. sten

    Can you please compile ZeroC Ice for nts x86 ? Its only compiled for the ts Version of PHP..

    Many thx forup!

  13. Anindya

    Ok, I will try when I have some time.

  14. Anindya


    I have successfully compiled nts x86 version of ZeroC Ice for PHP 5.3.3. You can download it here. πŸ˜€

  15. sten

    wow thx man your are my hero πŸ™‚

  16. tk1

    I wonder what for do you need x64 version. Do you really set memory_limit over 4GB?

  17. Anindya

    In my case I just wanted to use it with 64 bit Apache using the “Apache 2.0 Handler” (php5apache2_2.dll). πŸ˜€

    And I am sure others have their own reasons for wanting to use 64 bit versions of PHP.

  18. Tom

    This is fantastic πŸ™‚

    Will the MSSQL driver from MS work with this.. I’m guessing not?

    • Anindya

      You guessed right. πŸ™‚ The MSSQL driver binary provided by MS is for 32 bit PHP so obviously will not work with this 64 bit release.

      But you can try the included php_dblib.dll extension.

  19. Tom

    Is there any chance you could compile that? The source code is available for it πŸ™‚

  20. Tom

    ^ ignore that, I’ve got dblib.dll working on 32bit so will try crossing over to x64 later πŸ™‚

  21. Tom

    I’ve resorted using ADO to connect which is good but not great.. dearly would love the MS MSSQL Driver πŸ™‚

    • Anindya

      What happened to the dblib extension?

      I will try to compile the MS MSSQL driver when I have some time.

  22. Tom

    Thank you… you rock πŸ™‚

  23. Andrew

    Thanks. Great site.
    I can’t find the snmp module for PHP 5.3.3. Is it available?

  24. shenn

    Is it possible to compile php_memcache.dll for x64 (IIS) NTS aswell. (PHP 5.3.3)

    The rest is excellent work. It all works instantly. Thanks!!

  25. rastamanx

    What about the php_snmp extension ?

  26. Anindya

    Sorry for the late reply everyone. I have been busy.


    I tried to compile the mssql driver but unfortunately it didn’t compile successfully. There were lots of build errors. πŸ™

    @Andew and @rastamanx

    I will try and compile the php_snmp extension soon.


    Will see if its possible to compile the php_memcache extension for x64 NTS.

  27. Tom

    Many thanks for trying anyway, I had some issues with running on ADO or DBLIB so have had to scutter back to x32bit for time being πŸ™

  28. cvat

    Hello Anindya. Is it possible to compile php_firebird.dll for win x64 NTS (firebird version 2.1) ? Please Please Please!!! That ext is Very important for me.

  29. eyebee

    I’ve just installed your PHP 5.3.3 x64 build running as an Apache 2.2.16 x64 module under WIn7 x64 and IT WORKS FINE. Better than the PHP x64 I had before (it was 5.2.5 from

    So now, I’d like to ask you a favor: Could you make an x64 build of the “php_win32std” extension, please?
    Sounds unlogical? Yup, but this extension provides (among other things) registry access which would be very useful for some of my PHP applications. DL link 4 sources is “”.

  30. George

    Greate Job, Anindya!
    I’ve been trying to build x86 binaries, and couldn’t get though.
    Could you please help to build the pecl_http_1.7.0?

  31. Steven martin

    Hi Anindya,
    I currently maintain Unofficial WampServer as the original WAmpserver hasn’t been updated for well over a year. Would it be ok if I included your php5.3.3 64bit build into the project?

    Also I had that issue with lots of users complaining about localhost not working. Which I narrowed down to the hosts file. I was talking to the phpmyadmin developers about this issue and they said it was the mysqlnd driver but that it was not going to be fixable as it’s a compatability issue????

    What’s your view on it?

    Thanks a million for the time and enthusiasm you put into this, I know what it’s like

    I posted this on other forum(oops). Then I noticed – these are all vc9 builds πŸ™ oh well , thanks anyway.

  32. Anindya

    @Andew and @rastamanx

    I wasn’t able to successfully compile the php_snmp extension. πŸ™


    The memcache extension compiled successfully and I have added the download links to the post. πŸ˜€

    @cvat, @eyebee and @George

    Will try to compile the extensions you have requested when I have some free time.

  33. ricky

    hi Anindya, Very thx for the 64bit lib u compile, but i got a issue:
    The Apache service named reported the following error:
    >>> httpd.exe: Syntax error on line 131 of F:/home/apache2.2/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load F:/home/php/php5apache2_2.dll into server: Access is denied.
    php is your compile version 5.3.3 php-5.3.3-Win32-VC9-x64, and apache is apache_2.2.17-x64-openssl-1.0.0a.exe , if the dll version or my system setting cause? its doesnt work here!
    my sys is win2008 r2 x64

    hope your reply!

  34. ricky

    thx, i solved it!!! stupit fault! thx again~

  35. cvat

    And iconv ext it is posible. pleeease )

  36. Dtavare

    Hi, can you please post the thread safe x64 php_http.dll….

  37. Anindya

    Still haven’t found the time to compile the extensions that many of you have requested so far. πŸ™

    Will compile as soon as possible. Until then you will just have to use 32 bit PHP.

  38. Steven

    Hi Anindya . PHP 5.3.4 is out πŸ™‚

    and to increase your workload even futher!!! would it be possible for php5.2.15 which is also out to be built in x64 ?

    thanks for your great work πŸ™‚

    • Anindya

      Hi Steven. I am aware that PHP 5.3.4 is out and will be posting it soon after I try it out myself. I spent most of last Sunday trying to compile all the requested extensions along with PHP 5.3.4. πŸ™‚

      And no, I cannot compile PHP 5.2.15 cause it will take way too long. Sorry. πŸ™

  39. Anindya

    I have just posted the PHP 5.3.4 x64 binaries here.

    @Andrew and @rastamanx

    I tried to compile the snmp extension again recently and succeeded. It’s included with the PHP 5.3.4 binaries.


    I was able to compile the firebird extensions. Also included with the PHP 5.3.4 binaries. By the way, the iconv extension is already present even in this build as a static extension.


    I have compiled the php_http.dll extension and you can find it in the post that I have linked to above.


    I will compile the x86 version of the php_http.dll soon.


    Wasn’t able to compile the win32std extension from the pecl sources because it doesn’t have a config.w32 file. That file normally contains instructions for the PHP “buildconf” script. I have however found modified win32std sources here which does have the config.w32 file. Let me know if you want me to try and compile that instead.

  40. Andrew

    Thanks God
    You saved me !!!
    I have just crazy about that I can’t find any files about php Memcached
    Finally,I got it from your web!

    Thanks a lot

  41. bagu

    Please, can you compile ice_php in VC9 for php TS ?
    I know you publish the NTS version.

    Thanks πŸ˜‰

  42. bagu

    I forgot to say in x86 version…Sorry.

    • Anindya

      Sure. I will compile it when I have some time. Probably next weekend. πŸ™‚

  43. bagu

    Thanks a lot.
    Because zero ice team dosen’t respond and there is no way to have php_ice.dll (x86 TS php 5.3.6 VC9).

    I’ve try to compile it but i get link error.

  44. Chris

    I’m in need of php_ice.dll for VC9 x86 TS as well.

  45. Anindya

    Will try to compile it tomorrow or day after.

  46. Anindya

    I successfully compiled the extension and here it is.

  47. bagu

    It work really fine…Thanks a lot

  48. wei


    Had you ever use php_sqlsrv.dll extension to connect php with SQL server? I am using 64 bit machine and I can;t found any compatible dll online because the provide extension from microsoft is for 32bit only. Can you help me out on that?


  49. Anindya


    Hi. As of now, it is not possible to compile a 64 bit version of the php_sqlsrv.dll extension, so you wont find one anywhere. And as you can see from the last post on this thread, they have no intention of releasing a 64 bit version of the php_sqlsrv.dll extension until official 64 bit PHP distributions are released.

    Right now your only choice is to use the official 32 bit PHP builds if you need to use the php_sqlsrv.dll extension.

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