PHP 5.3.10 x64 (64 Bit) for Windows

Update (26 Feb 2012): New builds with working php_intl extension compiled against latest version of ICU (

Update (10 Mar 2012): You can now download php5apache2_4.dll (for Apache 2.4) from here.

PHP 5.3.10 was released on February 2, 2012 to provide a critical security fix.

Here are the 64 bit thread safe and non thread safe binaries for Windows. A usual, they have been compiled with Visual C++ 2008 (VC9). Also, I have compiled them against latest versions of OpenSSL (1.0.0g) and zlib (1.2.6).


VC9 x64 Thread Safe (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

MD5: 75E1A8BA51AB51F9CA647FEE05CEC52E
SHA-1: 03F18F81BC30A6C9916F96E9CC4C9B3EA6FC79CD

VC9 x64 Non Thread Safe (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

CRC32: 50377F01
MD5: 0AA9BC23459FE3CB52AA421D0ED3F022
SHA-1: 1C389870AEE9B16BB2C9AB3835F88E9B43417DDD

Additional Extensions

Additional extensions can be found here –

Currently the following extensions are available –Β APC, dbase, eAccelerator, geoip, http, memcache, mongo, OAuth, printer, ssh2, suhosin and win32service.

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  1. good

    I love you!

  2. svsw

    I use your php x64 builds in my projects. Thank you!
    Last time I have troubles with executing of my php scripts
    For example. I wrote simple script:
    —- php —–
    $sn = $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’];
    echo “SERVER_NAME ORIGINAL: “.$sn;
    echo “SERVER_NAME CONVERTED: “.idn_to_utf8($sn);
    —- php —–
    Place it into my localhost web folfer, started browser and saw the output of a script
    —- output —–
    —- output —–
    Function idn_to_utf8() do’t work… πŸ™
    This error takes place if I use x64 build only
    Script work correctly if I use x86 build from
    What am I doing wrong? Help me please!

  3. drake127
    • woodier

      Drake, are php_imagick-3.0.1-vc9-x64-nts.7z and php_imagick-3.0.1-vc9-x64-ts.7z still available? I’d really like a copy. Thanks in advance.

  4. Ben XO

    Hi there,

    This does not appear to be a 64-bit version of PHP? when i do php -e “echo PHP_INT_MAX;”, it gives the 32-bit answer (2147483647) not the 64-bit answer (9223372036854775807). Therefore, this is not a 64-bit build of PHP but a 32-bit build πŸ™

    You also are missing some of the most important extensions, such as mbstring πŸ™

  5. CooKies

    Hi, keep up the good work. Really thanks for all your binaries. πŸ˜‰

  6. Pieter du Plooy

    Hi Anindya

    Is it possible for you to compile php_suhosin against 5.3.10 for x32 and x64? I would prefer Thread Safe versions if you can.


  7. anonymous


    the download link for the extensions
    doesnet work, i get a page displaying to upgrade my browser, im on ff 10.0.
    can you provide direct download links?

    another question, does the wincache 1.1 version from
    work with php 5.3.10 x64?


  8. Tigran

    Many thanks for the build!!!

  9. adlersd

    is there anyone else with download problem?

  10. Anindya


    Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t compile ICU properly which is why the php_intl wasn’t working. Anyway, I have posted new builds with working php_intl extension.

    @Ben XO

    Maybe you should have a look at this –

    And check the ext dir and you will find the php_mbstring.dll extension.

    @Pieter du Plooy

    64 bit thread safe version failed to compile last time and will most likely fail this time also. But I will try again

    And I am guessing 32 bit version shouldn’t be a problem. Will compile and post it soon.


    I hope you were able to download by now. It was most likely a temporary issue. But you could have tried with another browser.

    And yes, the wincache extension should work with 5.3.10 also.


    If it was one of the Mediafire links that you were trying to download from, then maybe it was a temporary issue.

    @CooKies and @Tigran

    You are both welcome. πŸ˜€

  11. Mike

    Thank you so much for all these 64 bit builds. Do you have a tutorial somewhere for configuring Apache and PHP on Windows?

  12. vesper8

    Sorry for the double-post, I just realized I replied to the wrong article before.

    Thank you Anindya! This helped me get memcache working on my new installation of WAMP 64-bit 2.2d using PHP 5.3.10

    Thanks for providing the link to the extensions this is what helped me the most!

    What I’ve really been trying to get working though is using memcached (with a D) on WAMP. I been googling for 3 hours now and haven’t found a way yet. Since you seem to be very knowledgeable would it be possible to explain how I can do it?

    The reason I want to do it is because I have a project right now which uses Memcached and I can run it fine when running off the live production server.. but I want to be able to test it properly on my DEV server and this one currently only works with regular memcache.

    So I can’t go $cache = new Memcached(); and use the special methods that only work with memcached.

    I would REALLY appreciate if you could either tell me how to get it working and possibly provide links to the files… or just tell me that it’s impossible to get memcacheD to work on WAMP on Windows 7.

    Thank you so much!

  13. svsw

    Thank you for new build! My problem go away! I’m happy!

  14. zmcjs

    php 5.4.0 is release please modfily x86 & x64 installer packages!

    thank you very much!
    my english is very bad,sorry!

  15. dioskey

    Hi Anindya!
    As usual… THANKS for your great work! πŸ™‚

    I need a 64bit v.5.3.10 php5apache2_4.dll (note the 2.4)… do you can compile one for me?

    Thanks in advance in any case!

  16. svsw

    Hi Anindya!

    Apache Lounge already has php5apache2 4.dll for php 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 (!!!! Apache 2.4 !!!!)
    But its work on Windows x86 only πŸ™

    Do you can to do the same for Windows x64?

    In the near future I want to use Apache 2.4 in my already working and yet developed projects that already use as PHP 5.2 so PHP 5.3
    And I plan to use PHP 5.4 in new projects

    Thanks in advance in any case!

  17. KiSA

    Asking the same…
    Many of us need php x64 package which includes php5apache24.dll (for php 5.4 latest).

  18. Anindya


    You can find configuration instructions here.


    I am assuming that you are talking about this extension. It may be possible to compile it on Windows, but it requires libmemcached and unfortunately I do not currently have the time to try and compile libmemcached on Windows.

    @svsw, @zmcjs, @dioskey and @KiSA

    I will compile and post PHP 5.4 soon. Most likely by next weekend. In the meantime I have updated the post with php5apache2_4.dll for 64 bit PHP 5.3.

  19. Bob

    Can you also include wincache in you 64 bit builds, please?

  20. yon

    waiting for php5.4.

    wincache still not for php5.4. old file not work for 5.4

  21. Deano

    Aww still no PHP 5.4 build πŸ™ plz release it soon πŸ˜€

  22. Anindya


    You can download Wincache for PHP 5.3 from here.


    Wincache is currently not compatible with PHP 5.4. You might want to check out this thread if you haven’t already.


    I posted PHP 5.4 a few minutes ago. πŸ˜€

  23. mrgstiffler

    Any chance of getting this PHPRedis extension compiled for 5.3?

  24. nobita215

    I need to 5.3.11 x64 version

  25. Jeff

    I have tried to install but apache will not restart.
    I installed
    on a Windows 2008 server

  26. Anindya


    Will compile PHP 5.3.11 soon.


    I hope you have figured out by now that the php_apc.dll inside the “” archive is for PHP 5.4 running on Windows 7 or 2008.

  27. NotSteveBallmer

    If some of you whiners would send Anindya a large monetary donation, perhaps he could stay motivated to continue this work. Otherwise, why don’t you learn some programming skills and build these things for yourself. I first compiled Apache 2.2.11 with MSVC 2005, and it was hours and hours of hand-typed makefiles and debugging. IT IS LOTS OF HARD WORK. So stop acting as if this is the McDonald’s drive-thru and you want your cheeseburger right now.

  28. somendu

    ur php5apach2_4.dll is removed by my antivirus … as a threat.
    can u please upload a fresh version ???

  29. somendu

    My comment is still waiting moderation why ???

  30. elshaday


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