My CCTV Camera Recordings

Update (3 July 2022): There was some space left over on Mega which I have filled with recordings from January-April 2022. And the links will not last forever, by the way. So download while you still can. In case you did not know, you can use JDownloader to easily download all the files. Here is a screen recording which demonstrates the process. And to watch the videos you can use VLC Media Player. Enjoy!

I already posted this on Twitter and Facebook, but have decided to post here also. 🤷‍♂️

RK Puram (28.57302, 77.18304)


Mediafire: |

Sarita Vihar (28.53694, 77.29192)

MEGA:–Ng |

Mediafire (incomplete): |

Suddenly a wild idea appeared about uploading the recordings from my CCTV cameras, and I just so happened to like it. And so, here they are. After all, “my cameras-my choice”. 🤣 The cameras are kind of useless when it comes to surveillance though, because my “adversaries” (🤣) have many ways of disabling them. Anything they don’t want recorded is not recorded. Even on the day after my dog died, they “disabled” the cameras by crashing my computer. They didn’t want me knowing whether there were any visitors while I was asleep maybe, other than not knowing what was done to poor doggy’s body. Did Dudley’s mother leave doggy’s body in her car to rot till the next day? I simply don’t know. Nevertheless, I am sure many interesting things can be found in the recordings.

Also, I ran out of storage on Mediafire so some “Sarita Vihar” recordings are missing there (most of Parking 2020; and all of Parking, LeftCam and RightCam from 2021). Only decided to use Mediafire because my old Apache HTTP Server uploads still exist there.

“Sarita Vihar” recordings from 2019-2021 should be mostly complete. Some recordings were made on my laptop because of downtime of my main computer caused by a faulty water pump once and later a bios corruption, but most of them got deleted so I didn’t bother uploading the few remaining ones. Previous years are incomplete as I myself had to delete because I kept running out of storage. Same goes for the “RK Puram” recordings. Only recordings from 2017 are complete. I had deleted the rest but some from 2013 survived on bluray discs. I was thinking about archiving all recordings on bluray discs but later dropped the idea. I actually offered to upload the 2013 RK Puram recordings somewhere on the internets, but didn’t get any takers. But now I have uploaded them anyway, along with the other recordings. Two recordings from 2016 also survived in the “New” folder of the recording software. Maybe because I can be seen looking towards the camera. I didn’t bother uploading them either.

I can be seen a lot at the beginning of the 2019 recordings, by the way. MEGA has nice thumbnail previews available.

Bonus Information Time: Mass surveillance tech exists that is capable of spying on you through your own eyes and ears, apart from being able to read your thoughts and access/control all senses. Same tech that “tin foil hatters” are always talking about apparently. One such “tin foil hatter” can be seen in this gameplay recording from the video game “Hitman: Absolution” – . It can be said that the people who have this tech have the “entire histories” of everyone (, unless of course they also have to delete because they keep running out of storage. Like I mentioned in the video description, they have real life time machines too. So I doubt that storage is an issue for them.

Of course, I now think that everybody in the world already know these things, about me and about my “future”. And not just because of fake country names and what not. In fact, I am 99.99% sure of it now. You should assume that I am writing this because of the 0.01% doubt. But feel free to comment and try to increase the doubt percentage, like how the good NPCs over at tried – .

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