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PHP 5.4.3 and PHP 5.3.13 x64 (64 bit) for Windows

PHP 5.4.3 and 5.3.13 were released a week ago (May 8, 2012). The complete changelog can be found here.

Below you will find 64 bit builds of PHP 5.4.3 and 5.3.13 for Windows. As usual these were compiled with Visual C++ 2008 (VC9). Some of you were experiencing crashes with the 5.4.0 build that I posted last month. Let me know if the crashes still occur with the new 5.4.3 (thread safe) build.


PHP 5.4.3 (Thread Safe) (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

MD5: D813A774F42DE8E623FCB0BEFF83F9AF
SHA-1: 2633C0A9868C0B1C493BB231F8068EB286357A42

PHP 5.4.3 (Non Thread Safe) (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

CRC32: 9D0FF5B6
MD5: 8FB813791238F9E35E2AB198B94D0411
SHA-1: C6771C46EA7C00D2A4A1375EC1A7CC4A4DC1703D

PHP 5.3.13 (Thread Safe) (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

CRC32: 9C77727D
MD5: 0EC3F145E0B22D861DA915382980F425
SHA-1: 9CB96DFE0AD9512491C48F44C274F723C1BB5D89

PHP 5.3.13 (Non Thread Safe) (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

MD5: 232C80FA5DD0B99956FB95C732545D49
SHA-1: BF4545013C6F1BEDC0A4E56B2A83543A4EC7CE53

Additional Extensions

Additional extensions can be found in the following mediafire folder –

I will be compiling and uploading updated versions of extensions for both PHP 5.4 and 5.3 during this week.

Fixed curl extensions:

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.2 x86 and x64 Windows Installers


Apache HTTP Server 2.4.2 was released on April 17, 2012. This version is the second GA release of the new 2.4 branch and provides a number of security and bug fixes. The complete changelog for version 2.4.2 can be found here.

Below you will find the 32 bit and 64 bit Windows binaries compiled by me. The binaries were compiled with Visual C++ 2008 (VC9) against apr 1.4.6, apr-util 1.4.1, apr-iconv 1.2.1, expat 2.1.0, libxml2 2.7.8, lua 5.1.5, OpenSSL 1.0.1c, pcre 8.30 and zlib 1.2.7. IPv6 has also been enabled. The installers are digitally signed, so you can check the digital signatures to verify the integrity of the installers. You can also do the same using the provided file hashes.


apache_2.4.2-x64-openssl-1.0.1c.msi (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

CRC32: 9F7D4381
MD5: 1130D40C85B166238D76B428F9F0322A
SHA-1: 64D78A9C90E005E8F4F55F4E1C3720E856BBC005

apache_2.4.2-x64-no-ssl.msi (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

MD5: 0D53679D90F61E1FC722038B51D2B58A
SHA-1: 71F58FCAAA711054CE1127F511792D7940541ED5

apache_2.4.2-x86-no-ssl.msi (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

CRC32: 8E763BDF
MD5: 1E77773A294048C37A8F82950F58445F
SHA-1: 9B72BDA5D78DE75DD442CBC9648981E20349E3DA

apache_2.4.2-x86-openssl-1.0.1c.msi (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

CRC32: 99BBC9B6
MD5: 2B4189000407D01DB2646D7115F014AB
SHA-1: 35FB99F21D5DC65C934AA9F3AC49604DAAF14105

And yes, I realize that I took almost a month to post these. Hopefully this won’t happen with the next version. Although I hope the next version isn’t released anytime soon. 😀