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PHP 5.3.9 x64 (64 Bit) for Windows

PHP 5.3.9 was released 10 days ago (January 10, 2012) and includes lots of security and bug fixes (Changelog).

And here are the 64 bit thread safe and non thread safe builds for Windows. As usual, they were compiled with Visual C++ 2008 (VC9) and can be used with VC9 versions of Apache.


I am providing mirrors this time, but please use them only if you are unable to download from mediafire for some reason.

VC9 x64 Thread Safe (Mirror)

CRC32: C3C44086
MD5: F37AD349D0A17F857A6F5C548D18C741
SHA-1: 571C6835C607274C49C156E00CF307B97682BD7C

VC9 x64 Non Thread Safe (Mirror)

CRC32: 7364E01F
MD5: 542B3508EFAAB286DF511712F75BAE73
SHA-1: A98DB30C2D0927332C8EB69E48E01867BA39B8A8

Additional Extensions

Additional extensions can be found here –

As of now, the following extensions are available – APC, dbase, eAccelerator, geoip, http, memcache, mongo, printer, ssh2 and win32service.